Adventure Walks

Adventure Walks are a great way to get your dog the exercise they need, all while reinforcing basic obedience and  focusing on fun!

Adventure Walks are an excellent option for dogs of all sizes, energy levels and athletic abilities, as we tailor our packs and exercise levels to meet each dog's needs. We pick your dog up at home, and take them to local park for an Adventure that can include hiking, swimming, playtime, and socialization with other friendly dogs. We drop them off at home after their 2 hour excursion exhausted and happy!

Photo by Tim Ashman


Training Hikes

Training Hikes are perfect for dogs who prefer to walk without the company of other canines or are working through any number of behavioral issues.

Working through behavioral modification can be challenging.  Our goal is to support your training efforts through consistency and attention to detail, one on one with your dog.  By working closely with you and with your trainer, we can reinforce the training that you're already implementing and give your dog a fun

outlet for their energy.  Not only will your dog benefit from the regular exercise, but over time you will be amazed by the transformation that consistent Training Hikes can bring about!

Our trainer is experienced handling all types of dogs with a wide range of personality types and behavioral challenges.


Adventure Walks

Second dog from the same household is $27 

Training Hikes



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