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We are pleased to be providing Adventure Walks to the dogs of Baltimore!

We service most of the metro area and surrounding communities including Hamilton, Mt. Vernon, Bel Air, and many other communities.

Photo by Tim Ashman

Adventure Walks

Our flagship service, Adventure Walks are a great way to get your dog the exercise they need, all while working on basic obedience and focusing on fun!

Adventure Walks are a great alternative to daycare. We pick your dog up at home, take them to a local park for an Adventure that can include hiking, swimming, rock hopping, 

playtime, and socializing with other dogs. We drop them off at home after their 2 hour excursion exhausted and happy!

We keep our packs small to ensure that each dog gets the personal attention they need, we take photos along the way to share with you, and we report to you on how each Adventure Walk goes to ensure you get the most value out of each hike.


Adventure Walks

Multiple dogs from the same house receive a $5.00/per dog discount, 10% discount for veterinary office dogs.



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