Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Canine Adventure instead of another service?

Our customers love us and their dogs adore us.  Canine Adventure values the relationships we develop with dogs and owners, and treat our client dogs as we do our own.  The results will speak for themselves.

Canine Adventure is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  This is not some fly-by-night pet sitter or dog walker you're dealing with.  We may not be the cheapest option, but you don't go to a discount doctor, you don't have your car serviced at the cheapest place in town, and you don't shop babysitters because of price. 

Our staff is comprised of carefully selected professionals.  All of the Canine Adventure dog handlers come with volunteer and/or professional experience working with pets and demonstrate enthusiasm and talent working with dogs.  We work with them to develop this talent into professional level skill so that client dogs can have a safe, positive, and fun experience every time Canine Adventure works with them.  

Along with our time working with dogs, we spend personal time furthering knowledge through independent study, volunteer work, and collaboration with each other and other pet care professionals.  We do this not only because we enjoy it, but also because the pets we care for deserve to have a knowledgeable handler. 

We aren't "dog trainers", but are all adept at training dogs.  We encourage our human clients to discuss behavioral challenges that they are working to overcome.

Each dog handler is happy to provide personal and professional references who will gladly share their experiences.

 You are in good hands with Canine Adventure.  Each of our dog handlers brings their own skill set to the table and is very carefully selected.  We keep the lines of communication open with you and with each other to ensure that we do the best job possible.  If your dog has issues that we are working to resolve, we often discuss the issues within our organization to develop a well rounded and well founded strategy.

We meet with you and your pet before any service is scheduled.  There is no charge for this.  If it's not a good fit, there is no obligation.

What is your service area? 

We normally service the Fan, Museum District, Northside, Downtown, Near West End, Forest Hill, and Church Hill.  We also service much of Short Pump and Glen Allen, part of Mechanicsville and Midlothian, and Charlottesville.  Outside of this service area we may need to apply a small travel charge to the cost of service.  If you are outside of these areas, please feel free to contact us anyway!  We are likely already working on finding the right person to service your area.

What are your rates?

Our rates for service are at the following link...Rate Sheet

Do you offer service on weekends?

We offer Pet Sitting Visits on weekends, but only take dogs on Adventure Walks during the week.  The parks get quite busy on the weekends, and we never know who we're going to encounter out there, so in the interest of everyone's safety, we avoid local parks on Saturdays, Sundays, and busy holidays.

My dog is (insert small, large, old, young, unruly etc...).  Can they handle the adventure walk? 

The short answer is yes!  Small dogs usually have more pluck and determination than large dogs.  The walk won't leave them in the dust.  We are very adept at handling a wide variety of dogs, so large, strong, difficult, young, and unruly dogs are welcome.  We are not "dog trainers" but we do take great pride in working with difficult dogs and getting them mental and physical exercise.  Old dogs are very welcome also.  Our oldest regular adventurer is 13 years old and she loves her adventure walks!

The adventure walk is geared toward the dog walking it.  Every dog gets the pace, terrain, and obstacles that suit them best.

Do I need to drop off/pick up my dog? 

No.  We pick your dog up at home and drop them off after the adventure.  If you prefer, we can make other arrangements.

Do you walk in bad weather? 

You bet!  Dogs love rain, snow, and cold!  The only times we suggest rescheduling a walk is when health or safety is a concern.  We won't go out if there are tornadoes, hurricanes, there is lots of ice falling from the sky, or during temperature extremes.

Trails after the rain can get really bad, and are easily damaged by foot traffic.  In the interest of preserving our awesome trail systems, we tend to avoid areas that are prone to erosion during and after a good rain.

Will my dog hike with others?

In order for a dog to be eligible for pack walks, they must undergo an evaluation period.  This generally consists of two or more walks during which we will work on recall, leash walking, encounters with other dogs, people, and wildlife, and general trail manners.

If your dog walks well, responds to simple commands, and gets along well with others, they may already be able to handle hiking in a small pack.  We will establish a bond with your dog, test his or her abilities, and we can match your dog up with a suitable pack!  If your dog isn't quite ready yet, we can help you focus on those training issues which will get them ready for pack walks.

During pack walks, we will focus on getting the dogs into areas where they will have the most fun (rock hopping and swimming tend to be favorite activities while on the pack walks).

It is not suitable for every dog.  Those dogs that can handle the freedom (and responsibility) of being in a pack will love it.  The dogs will get more exercise, develop social skills, and will become good friends with the dogs in their pack!  

Please note that our packs are small, consisting of 2 or 3 dogs per handler.  This ensures that we maintain good control over each participant on our Adventures.

What feedback will I receive from you about my dog?

 After every walk, we will communicate with you regarding our activities and your dog's progress.  If we don't speak with you in person, you will be contacted via email.  We will include a couple of photos taken of your dog that day as well!

In our followup email, you will be given a brief summary of our activities that day as well as a report on any issues we've encountered, behavioral or otherwise.  If there are any concerns that we have, you will be made aware of these and, as always, we encourage open communication between us so that we can work together to better meet your dog's needs.

Please note, for pet sitting engagements, we will send you a followup email every second day catching you up on how your pets are doing. 

Will my dog appear on your website?


 With your permission, your dog can appear on the website and our social media!

 I heard about you from a rescue organization. 


We are excited to be partnered with some of the local rescues!  If you are referred by one of these rescues, please let us know.  Most of the rescues "earn" free adventure walks for their foster dogs by helping us find clients.  Others receive regular monetary donations.

If you are with a local rescue organization and would like to send your dogs out for some free adventure walks, please let us know and we'll try to help out.

I have a (insert exotic pet here).  Can you care for them?

Each of our dog handlers has experience with a wide variety of animals.  Just ask us!

Can you board my dog?  

For a number of reasons, Canine Adventure cannot offer boarding at this point.  Your dog will do better at home when you're away.  As nice as some kennels seem, the combined stress of being away from home and separated from their owner can be overwhelming for a dog.

I want to work for Canine Adventure!

Keep in mind that this can be one of the most challenging, frustrating, and physically demanding jobs you can choose.  It is also one of the most rewarding if you have a real passion for working with dogs!  If you really love working with dogs and thrive on developing personal relationships with each dog you meet, this may be a great fit for you.  Of course, mud, blood, slobber, and sweat are all part of the job!  If you think you're up to the challenge, feel free to send us an email.


I have questions that you didn't answer here! 

Check out our Customer Welcome Sheet.

Please give us a call at (804) 334-8811 or email.  We'll happily answer any other questions you may have! 




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