What do your services cost?

Please see individual cities under the services tab.

How long are your services? 

Adventure Walks are two hours, including travel time. Standard Midday Walks and Pet Sitting Visits are 30 minutes. Need a longer visit? We are happy to add time to Midday Walks and Pet Sitting Visits in 15 minute increments, up to an hour.

What is the difference between Midday Walks and Pet Sitting Visits?

Midday Walks occur between the hours 9am-5pm on weekdays. Visits before 9am, after 5pm, or on the weekends are considered Pet Sitting Visits.

Midday Walks are a great opportunity to work on leash skills and reinforce good behavior, in addition to offering a chance for your pup to stretch their legs and relieve their bladder while you’re at work. A visit from a friend, some fresh air, and a little exercise — the perfect way to break up the monotony of the day!

Going out of town or have to work a long weekend shift? Make sure your pup is well cared for by setting up some Pet Sitting Visits! We’ll make sure they get their meals, any necessary medications, and plenty of exercise with no disruption to their routine. We know it’s hard for dogs when their parents are away for any length of time, so we do our best to ease the pain of separation with lots of special attention. We know it’s not easy for you, either, but if you have to leave your pet behind, ease your own worry by leaving them in the care of the best in the business!

Will it be the same person each time?

In most cases, you’ll have a primary handler and a backup. Depending on frequency of visits and availability of the handler, you may have more than one backup. More friends for your best friend! Our goal is to be consistent with your pet’s care, no matter who is visiting.

Do I need to drop off/pick up my dog? 

We come to your house for all of our services, so there’s no need to worry about finding the time to transport your pup anywhere. The convenience of having us come to your home is one of the many reasons why Canine Adventure is a good alternative to day care. 

Where do you go?

Our Adventure Walks take us all over our local parks and recreation areas. From hoofing it on a trail through the trees to splashing around and rock-hopping at the river, we love taking your furry friends out to explore all the beauty that our area has to offer!

For Midday Walks, we’ll take a nice stroll around the neighborhood to stretch your pooch’s legs. 

Will you take my dog off leash? 

Not without your consent. 

If you’re already comfortable with having your dog off leash for playtime, then we’re happy work on off leash skills with them— of course, our handler will take the time to be comfortable as well. We will test the waters, so to speak, by practicing recall and using a long line leash so that handler and pup can get familiar before letting them completely off leash. Playtime is closely monitored, and we’re always ready to step in if someone gets too excited!

If off-leash playtime is something you’d like for your dog, let us know! We can help you work towards that goal. Your pup will still have a blast, off leash or on!

Will you take my dog out with other dogs?

We can! We pack up to three compatible dogs, and can often meet up with other handlers to hike or play together. We will do at least one solo walk first to gain some familiarity with your dog’s behavior and characteristics before introducing them to other dogs. It will only be a matter of time before your pup has more friends than you can keep track of!

Do you take out unaltered dogs?

Yes, with some precautions. If your dog is unaltered, please mention this when signing up.

My dog is (small, large, old, young, shy, unruly, etc..). Can they still go on Adventure Walks? 

The short answer is yes! We are trained to handle a wide variety of dogs; so large, strong, difficult, young, and unruly dogs are welcome. We take great pride in working with challenging dogs and getting them mental and physical exercise.

Adventure Walks are tailored to your dog. If your dog is large, old, overweight, or disabled, for instance, there are plenty of less intense trails to explore for some gentle exercise. If your dog is fearful or shy, we’ll take things slow and expose them to new experiences at their own pace, and work on building up that confidence.  We are well equipped to work with each dog’s specific needs. 

All dogs deserve an Adventure!

I have a puppy. When can they start Adventure Walks?

We have a minimum age requirement of six months.  Too much physical exercise while a dog is young can be detrimental to their growth and can lead to physical issues.

Adventure Walks are a great way to introduce your puppy to the big wide world! Not only will they discover new sights and smells and get to explore, but they’ll often get the opportunity to meet, socialize, and hike with other dogs in a more structured way, which can help stem the development of behavioral issues in the long run.

Exposure to new things and strange environments can be overwhelming for any dog, and especially puppies! At such a critical stage of their development, there is no better way to ensure that your pup’s confidence is being properly nurtured than sending them to explore the world at the side of a Canine Adventure handler!

What areas do you service? 

We service all of Richmond and Charlottesville, including many of the surrounding areas. Email info@canineadventure.net for more information about your specific location. 

Do you do an initial consultation/evaluation?

We do! Our Meet and Greets are free of charge, and we schedule them to be convenient for you. They’re your opportunity to get to know us, and our chance to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding services and care for your pet.

Do you work with other pets?

Yes! We have experience with creatures of all shapes and sizes. 

Do you work in bad weather? 

Generally, we’ll go if the dogs will go! In the event that it is unsafe for us to travel, due to extreme circumstances (tornado, earthquake, hurricane, zombie apocalypse, etc.), then you’ll be notified and accommodations will be made when necessary. Otherwise it’s rain, snow, or shine!

Your dog’s health and safety is always our first priority. On hotter days, we’ll avoid walking on hot asphalt, take breaks in the shade, and will make sure your dog is staying hydrated. We’ll keep an eye out for any signs of heat exhaustion, and will monitor their activity to be sure they’re not overexerting themselves. That goes doubly for pups with black fur or fluffy coats!

Rain won’t stop us from getting your pooch outdoors — unless there is a risk of lightning strikes, flash floods, or severe winds. We’ll also gladly take your pup out to enjoy a snow day.

In any event, if we need to shorten a walk out of concern for your dog’s safety or comfort, we will spend the rest of the visit playing indoors with their favorite toys, practicing commands and brushing up on tricks, or serving up some good old-fashioned snuggles!

Do you train dogs?

We do not. While we are not trainers, we are trained to work with all sorts of dogs, including those with any number of behavioral issues. We are experienced and capable of reinforcing good behavior and any training you might be doing. We can also offer recommendations for a trainer or classes, if you’re looking!

What feedback will I receive from you about my dog? 

On the same day of service, you’ll receive an email letting you know how things went during our walk, with a photo or two attached. We will also upload photos to your dog’s own online gallery, so you can view pictures of them having a great time, anytime! 

If we are working on anything special with your dog — confidence building, behavioral issues, leash skills, etc. — we’ll be sure to keep you regularly updated on our progress. If there is an emergency or anything out of the ordinary, you will be contacted right away. Good communication is important to us!

Do you need to see vaccination records?

We don’t need to see them. We trust you’re keeping your dog current on their vaccinations. Up-to-date rabies vaccinations are legally required in the state of Virginia.

Do you offer packages? Will I get a discount if I buy several walks?

We have an a la carte system — you only pay for the walks you need. Unfortunately, we don’t offer packages at this stage.  

How do I pay you?

You will receive an itemized invoice each month via email with a payment link. If you enroll in our Auto-Pay Program, we will charge your card automatically and keep your account current.  

Do you work on weekends and holidays?

We provide our Pet Sitting service on weekends and holidays.

We don’t do Adventure Walks on weekends and holidays. Our local parks can get very busy during those times, making it difficult for us to do our job safely and effectively. 

How much notice do you need to schedule a visit?

We ask for 48 hours notice to schedule a walk, but we can often be available on shorter notice, it just can’t be guaranteed. We will do our best to be accommodating! Holidays tend to fill up quickly, so advanced notice is preferred and greatly appreciated.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Do you do background checks?

Yes, we do thorough background checks on our handlers prior to hiring.

Are your handlers employees or independent contractors?

Our handlers are employees of Canine Adventure LLC.

We value our employees, and are proud to invest in their growth as handlers through hands-on training, recurring workshops, and continuing education classes. Our employees are very important to us, and we work hard to ensure that we are providing them with opportunities to grow their skills and knowledge base within a safe and positive framework of supportive, like-minded people. We firmly believe that a happy, fulfilled employee makes all the difference in the world; and with that mindset, we are able to deliver the highest quality of care.

Are you hiring?

Yes! We’re always looking for great dog handlers. If you’re interested in working with the best team around, please email a resume to careers@canineadventure.net.

How do I become a client?

Fill out our contact form here, shoot an email to info@canineadventure.net, or call us at (855) DOG-HIKE. We will set up a meet and greet and go from there!

I have questions that you didn't answer here!  

Please give us a call at (855) DOG-HIKE or email us at info@canineadventure.net. We'll happily answer any other questions you may have! 


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