Canine Adventure is a professional dog care provider in Richmond and Charlottesville Virginia and Ann Arbor Michigan. We specialize in taking dogs on Adventure Walks, which are long hikes in local parks that often include leash work, off leash playtime, swimming, exploring, and doing all sorts of stuff that dogs love!

At Canine Adventure, we believe that dogs thrive on human interaction. Unfortunately, in today's busy human world, dogs often can't get the human time they really need to thrive. We're here to help! Our highly trained crew members are squarely focused on giving your dog the absolute best possible experience during every appointment. We work to advance good behavioral patterns and reinforce training you're probably working on already. We work to ensure that each outing is a safe experience. We get to know your dog and tailor our time together to ensure that we're scratching them right where they itch!

“They love what they do and it shows. They care about you and your four legged friends.”

“Always going above and beyond, reliable communication, treating your puppers like family. What more could you ask for??”

“My dog has been doing Adventures with them for years now and has helped him tremendously with socialization and confidence!”

“Worth every cent.”

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