Adventure Walks

Our flagship service, Adventure Walks are a great way to get your dog the exercise they need, all while working on basic obedience and focusing on fun!

Adventure Walks are a great alternative to daycare. We pick your dog up at home, take them to a local park for an Adventure that can include hiking, swimming, rock hopping, playtime, and socializing with other dogs. We drop them off at home after their 2 hour excursion exhausted and happy!

Photo by Tim Ashman

We keep our packs small to ensure that each dog gets the personal attention they need, we take photos along the way to share with you, and we report to you on how each Adventure Walk goes to ensure you get the most value out of each hike.


Midday Walks

The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them. Unfortunately, some of us have to work for a living, and your best friend is left home alone for all of those long workdays.

Give your pooch a break! Canine Adventure can visit your dog during the day and take them for a brisk walk around the neighborhood, freshen up their water and food, and give their bladder a rest.

Perfect for high energy dogs, dogs with separation anxiety, younger dogs that haven't quite learned to hold it all day, and older dogs who can't anymore. This is also a great alternative to doggy daycare, and the focused time is designed to reinforce the good manners you're probably working on with your dog.

During the structured visit, we will work on calm leashed walking and reinforce simple obedience training. We also make sure there's some playtime! Canine Adventure will tailor the schedule to your dog's specific needs. Your dog will thank you! Daily and weekly scheduling is available.

Pet Sitting*

We’ll be there when you can’t be! Leave your dog at home, confident that they will be cared for properly. Your dog will be happier in their familiar environment, with no interruption in their feeding and walking schedule, and you will return home with your happy companion waiting to greet you at the door!


When your best friend is staying behind it’s tough on you and on them. Canine Adventure will work with your pet to make sure that the visits are what they want. We make sure that they are happy and satisfied.

We offer 2 or 3 daily visits, depending on your dog's needs. These visits are exactly what you want them to be and can include walks, playtime, obedience practice, even snuggle time!

Knowing that your dog will be cared for by a loving, experienced professional who really enjoys spending time with them will make your trip much easier.

We also provide care for many other animals.

*Please note, our availability for Pet Sitting is limited in some of our service areas.  Please contact us to find out if we provide this service in your area.


Sponsored Walks

Sponsor an Adventure Walk for a dog in need at Richmond Animal Care and Control or Richmond Animal League to give a shelter dog a break.  Send them out to enjoy the sights and sounds that Richmond has to offer and make their day a whole lot more fun.

You can purchase a Sponsored Walk by clicking here.


Adventure Walks

Second dog from the same household is $27 

Midday Walks

Up to two dogs from the same home. 

Pet Sitting Visits


$27 per visit 
Up to two dogs from the same home. 

Please contact us about weekly service packages, more than 2 dogs, extended visits, and additional pets.


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