“They love what they do and it shows. They care about you and your four legged friends.”

We do love what we do! We’re grateful to every person and every pup that makes our job possible. We at Canine Adventure view our clients as an extension of our family and care for the pets we’ve met as if they were our own, and that is a sentiment we truly take to heart.

“They're not just hauling your dog around the block, they're skilled [handlers] and enjoy working on any behavioral issues your pup might have.”

We are professionally trained dog handlers, and we work on keeping our skills sharp by regularly attending classes and workshops. We aren’t afraid to work with dogs that may need a little more help in the behavioral department — in fact, we find it quite satisfying to be able to contribute in ways an average dog walker might not. We're happy to help reinforce any training you may be doing.

“They pay attention to your dog's needs and adjust accordingly.”

Puppy to senior, teacup to giant, high energy to low, we love them all. Every dog is different, and with that wonderful diversity comes a slew of individual needs. Older pup can't make it all the way around the block anymore? Not a problem — we’ll make up the time with some good old-fashioned scratches, right where they like them. Does your high-energy dog need a little more mental stimulation? We can practice commands and work on leash skills while hoofing it on the trails. We can tailor any service to fit your needs!

“Our dog is very shy and hated doggie day care, so boarding her is not an option.”

Even the nicest of doggie day cares and boarding facilities, with their unfamiliar sights, smells, and sounds, can be a lot for any dog to handle. We offer individualized care and attention to help your dog feel safe and relaxed, whether it’s pet sitting in your home, midday walks around the neighborhood, or Adventure Walks out on the trails. 

“They have been flexible with me when I've had to travel and need sitting services.”

We’re happy to work with you to make sure your pets are properly cared for while you’re away, whether it's for a couple days or several weeks. Travel can be stressful, but there's no need to worry about your pets straying from their routine or not getting enough loving with Canine Adventure on the job!

“The daily emails and photos are the best. Gives you a snapshot of what your pup has been up to all day.”

We know you miss your furry children while you’re away from home! We do what we can to ease the pain by sending a daily service email to keep you updated on your pets’ activities, and sharing photos so you can see their happy faces. 

“My dog has been doing Adventures with them for years now and has helped him tremendously with socialization and confidence!”

On the surface, Adventure Walks may seem like just a hike with a dog. But what you may not see is a skilled handler working to create a positive experience for a fearful pup, or a group doing a structured hike to help reactive dogs through their anxiety, or just a dog learning how to be a dog. The smallest things — walking with other dogs, rock hopping, going over bridges, learning to swim in the river — can add up to help an unsure pooch gain some confidence, which often translates into a happier home life. There is no greater joy for us than being able to help make a positive impact in a dog’s life!

“You can schedule walks week to week which is important for our schedules.”

Whether you prefer to schedule as needed via the online portal or email, we've got you covered! Or set up a regular schedule and observe as your dog seemingly learns how to tell time and begins to expect the arrival of their Canine Adventure buddy!

“Worth every cent.”

Providing a valuable service is important to us. We aim to provide the highest quality of care, and have since Canine Adventure’s inception in 2008. In an age of smart phone apps and discount dog walkers at the push of a button, we strive to raise the bar and keep it firmly raised. 

“Always going above and beyond, reliable communication, treating your puppers like family. What more could you ask for??”

Our thoughts exactly.


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